Why Nurse’s need to be setting 2021 goals…

Let’s face it, we have all set goals “New year, new me” sounds familiar right? How many of us actually stick to those goals that we spend time creating and setting? a handful maybe…

Before you read on, I would like you to take a second to think about a nurse in your life who inspires you, motivates you and is successful in their career. Ask yourself, How did they achieve the success? What process did they adopt to get to their current situation? Newsflash, they achieved it by having clearly defined, specific goal.

So this week in my graduate and aspiring health leaders coaching group, we are focusing on proactively setting goals together to ensure that 2021 is the “revised” version of year of the nurse! Let’s not even think about 2020….

So lets start with why we should even consider setting goals. If we don’t stick to them why should we bother I hear you asking? Simply put, you cannot expect progress from the same level of current thinking from which you operate! Goals give us purpose, a mission and a vision to help us propel our careers into the future with strategic intent.

Firstly lets unpack why goals may not be sticking for you my fellow nurse:

1. Your goals lack specificity.
2. You haven’t wrote your goals down and don’t look at them everyday!
3. You have unrealistic time frames/aspirations that seem overwhelming.
4. You don’t know how to achieve the goal, therefore the actions are not serving you.
5. They are not measurable, leading to you not getting the confirmation you need that the goal/outcome is within reach.
6. Your self limiting beliefs are getting in the way and preventing you from succeeding.
7. You haven’t attached an positive emotion/feeling to the goal and you haven’t visualised your future self in success.

Any of the above resonate? Yes? I feel you and I am here to tell you that ultimately all that is really stopping you is …. (you guessed it) YOU!

2021 is the time to action for you to start prioritising goal setting, taking control of your work/life balance, clearing those self limiting beliefs to ensure you are prioritising your professional growth in a strategic and intentional manner to help you succeed.

So Why should you set goals and how do you go about it i hear you ask…

The Why?

1. By setting goals as a nurse you are taking the first step in controlling what you can control within the crazy world of nursing.
2. A goal without a plan is simple a wish. By setting a strategic goal with an action plan you take active ownership of the steps required to reach your outcome.
3. You will empower not only yourself but those around you to succeed – success is infectious.
4. You get to choose intentionally how you evolve as a person and a clinician, on your terms, in your time.
5. You will be 100% more prepared when that dream job is advertised and you will feel so confident in your application.
6. By setting goals that inspire and motivate you (with an associated positive feeling/emotion) I can guarantee you are more likely to stick to them – they mean something to you.
7. You will learn so much about yourself in the process, providing you an opportunity to re-evaluate on a regular basis your direction, purpose, fulfilment, work/life balance and so much more.

That’s all well and good Liam, but what if I set my goals and then I let them slip. That’s ok! A huge part of goal setting is about enjoying the journey, recognising when its time to change/adapt your goal and also recognising if and when you need an accountability partner. This is why my monthly Graduate and Aspiring Health Leaders coaching was conceived. To provide a platform for nurses on the path to high performance to share their wins, challenges, aspirations, goals and set backs so that we can support one another on the pathway to success.

I am so excited about what 2021 will bring for you all and I would love you to join us in my facebook group to help you navigate your goal setting for 2021.

If you are ready and raring to set some kick a** 2021 goals and you would like to clear some self limiting beliefs, set strategic goals and have an accountability partner who will coach, educate and inspire you – drop me a message!

Yours In Nursing,


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