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Why work with Liam?

I am extremely passionate about empowering aspiring nurse leaders with the leadership skills, knowledge and tools to optimise their chances of success. 

Health leadership is complex, challenging and multi-faceted yet rewarding, fulfilling and exciting – only if you are equipped with the recipe for success. 

Having studied a Masters of Health Management, I have established a strong understanding of leadership theory and have demonstrated my capabilities as a leader in practice. 

My goal is to utilise my skills and experience to coach, educate and inspire health leaders from all walks to embrace their abilities, empower nurse’s and to help shape the health system of the future. 

Why should you join this monthly leadership coaching?

Join like minded professionals

Our online community of aspiring healthcare leaders provides a platform for nurses seeking to grow professionally to coach, educate and inspire each other whilst equipping yourself with essential personal and professional skills.

Set yourself up for success

Success only comes to those who work hard for it - welcome to the club! Our monthly sessions are tailored to ensure that you will succeed in your nursing path helping you to avoid common career mistakes!

Prioritise your growth

Being a health leader is challenging, by choosing to prioritise your growth will equip you with the skills, knowledge and strategies to tackle any challenge in your career. In this program we are planting the essential leadership seeds for a fruitful, exciting and rewarding health leadership career.

Stand out from the crowd

Well rounded health leaders are highly sought after and rare to find. This leadership program will set you apart from the rest, ensuring you approach your nursing career strategically whilst working towards your career goals and aspirations (at a fraction of the cost of similar programs!).

What will be covered?

Leading Self

In the first block of this series we will explore your current leadership practice, unpack your leadership approach, ensure you are engaging in self care, explore your personal vision, values and purpose as a leader. 

Masterclass content includes: 

  • Leading Self 
  • Self Care
  • Imposter Syndrome 
  • Vision, values and purpose
  • Setting SMART goals
  • Optimise your PMA
  • Setting boundaries

Leading a team

As we proceed, we will explore health leadership and management, leading your team, communication strategies and building a culture of success.  We combine your leadership style with the evidence base to optimise your abilities to lead a team successfully. 

Masterclass content includes: 

  • Leadership in practice
  • Communicating for leadership 
  • Managing conflict/low performance
  • Providing constructive feedback
  • Mentorship/Coaching in the workplace
  • Customer Service 

Leading to inspire

As you grow and develop, we will bring everything you have learnt and explore how you can lead to inspire in your workplace. This series will continue to support your leadership skills development on an ongoing basis. You will have built significant capacity within your own leadership skills, with some awesome tools for use in practice!

Masterclass content includes: 

  • Psychological Safety 
  • Quality Improvement and Innovation 
  • Change Management 
  • Managing up/Advocacy
  • Embracing vulnerability/courage 
  • Risk taking 

Monthly Subscription

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Frequently asked questions

Honestly, anyone at any point in their nursing career. 

I truly believe every clinician is a leader. The skills, knowledge and tools you will learn from this series will assist anyone in their career to grow and prosper. 

Great question! I hear you, balancing life/work is extremely challenging. I know we are all very time poor. The great thing about this series is that everything will be recorded. Our masterclasses will be recorded and available on the online portal.  Time commitment per month is around 2 hours – a small investment for a massive reward. 

Firstly, I wanted to make health leadership education and coaching affordable for mid-early career nurses. I had to pay >$15k for my Masters to gain the skills and knowledge I am sharing with you for a very competitive low price. 

If you are serious about gaining more confidence as a leader and stomping out your self limiting beliefs – this community is for you. I guarantee this unique community will influence your leadership practice positively. 

Our coaching group provides an opportunity to assess if you would like to pursue further training in this field. 

This course is tailored to meet the needs of all clinicians working on the frontline, education roles, managerial positions, specialist roles. 

Developed with mid-early career nurse’s in mind this monthly coaching will provide a comprehensive introduction to health leadership and will help you shape systems and drive innovation no matter what role you are in. 

Simply put, there is a large gap within healthcare, whereby some of those in positions of leadership are ill equipped to lead successfully and consequently new leaders struggle to transition resulting in burnout and fatigue. 

The stakes are critically high and I want to utilise my learnings to coach, educate and inspire future healthcare leaders to close this gap. #nursesempowernurses

If you would like to discuss this further or have a question for Liam please contact me!