About Liam - Nurse Career Coach

Hello, I’m Liam! 

I completed my Bachelors of Nursing at Napier University in Edinburgh, Scotland. Having worked in the hospital system as a cleaner prior to commencing my degree I knew I had found my calling as I observed the amazing work of the nurses. 

Coming from a familial line of clinicians, I was inspired to care for those in need and give back to the community. Fast forward 10 years and I have established clinical experience in a vast array of specialities internationally which has allowed me to to grow, develop and foster the excellent skills I have to offer today. 

I have significantly invested in my personal and professional development and growth by completing a dual Masters in Health Management and International Public Health from UNSW, Sydney. Investing in coaching, has allowed me to pursue my own personal and  professional development, leading me to kickstart nurse career coaching. 

This platform is truly a privilege and my opportunity to give back to the nursing community, by offering nurse career coaching and mentorship. My first hand experience of the highs and lows that a career in healthcare has to offer has highlighted to me that there is a real need for nurses to empower nurses via coaching, education and inspiration. 

My mission is to empower nurses to take back control of their life, career and development whilst positively reshaping our health system!


Fun facts about me...

  • I’m originally from Bonnie Scotland (yes I have an accent).
  • I’m an extrovert/entertainer and I love working with people and watching them grow.
  • I am a musical theatre fanatic! I have been to both broadway and the west end. Next stop Tony Awards!
  • I am an actor/performer and currently I am undertaking an “Introduction to Directing” course which is heaps of fun!
  • I am a musician, playing the piano and I love to sing.
  • I am a “bunny daddy” to two beautiful Rex Rabbits, Lockie and Lucile, they are quite cute and in bunny love.
  • I am a personal growth and development addict. I love consuming content via podcasts and audiobooks that allow me to grow and develop as a senior health leader. 
  • I’m a vegetarian for ethical and health reasons, as well as loving animals!
  • I love a good inspirational/motivational quote. 
  • I love beach walks and international travel.
  • I am dual citizen of the UK and Australia, having migrated to the sunny land of Oz in 2014 with my partner and haven’t looked back since! 

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